A Personal Operating Principle is a value lived consistently, tested under pressure and through experience.



Corporate Coaching Results

Making the transition from hard-driving individual performer to empowering leader was not an easy one for me. Although our intentions as a team were good, we were essentially a group of talented people with unrealized potential. Rilla led me through a process of honest reflection and learning, allowing me to recalibrate my own understanding of the role of today’s leader. In a short time, I have become more effective in releasing my team’s potential and getting the best from our people. That was accomplished in an environment where team members need me to supply light, not heat. Our work together has equipped me with the tools and insights to skillfully engage my team in a direct and productive coaching process that builds capability and confidence.

Rilla also helped me to appreciate different work styles and to temper the expectations I place on myself. Communication and relationships across the organization have improved significantly, along with our ability to recognize and capitalize on our opportunities both individually and as a team. Rilla has kept me accountable to my goals and inspired me to continue developing as a leader.

Sandro Verrelli
General Manager
Acklands-Grainger Inc.

Rilla has been a valued partner of mine for eight years. Her thoughtful and powerful approach to coaching and development has helped me, my team, and a number of executives in our organization deliver a renewed vision for leadership. We bring her in to help executives and new managers transition into a new role or new level of responsibility. She is very successful at helping them leverage their strengths and develop the new skills and breadth of scope required in a more senior role.

My own journey with Rilla has provided me with tremendous awareness, insight and growth. That is what I expect from an exceptional executive coach. What I had not anticipated was the inspiring way in which she helps me tap into and express my unique energy and creativity.

VP of Organizational Effectiveness and Environment, Health and Safety
The Energy Industry

Rilla has been a terrific support resource for me over the past two years as I transitioned into the new role of District Manager. I can bring a wide variety of issues, questions and challenges to our discussions knowing that she is a great listener and will challenge me to find the right answers for myself. Regardless of the topic, she is able to draw from her vast store of experiences and resources to provide ideas and thoughtful questions. I rely on her to help me stretch beyond my own norms of traditional thinking in tackling complex problems or maximizing opportunities.

I recommend her services without reservation to anyone looking to rapidly boost their leadership acumen and competence.

Mike Carey
District Manager
TCS, Ingersoll Rand

In today’s complex organizations, the most successful executives demonstrate superior interpersonal effectiveness with subordinates, peers and superiors. I don’t think any of us ever believes we have this aspect of our performance where we want it. Working with Rilla is a great way to help executives become more aware of how they impact others. She offers practical ways to build and polish the skills needed to deal with the myriad of people and people issues.

T. Christian Armstrong
EVP Marketing
TDCanada Trust Financial Group

Moving up in an organization gets harder the farther up you go. What you are left with is your ability to lead and to influence groups to move in the right direction at the right pace. I think one of the keys that unlocks this ability to lead is self-awareness. It allows us to understand our feelings towards people. It drives diversity by giving the team a wider skill set. It also leads us into self-humility – a realization that it is okay to have shortcomings, that we can feel comfortable when we do not know what to do and we can share this with others. People really respond to this. It moves teams.

Rilla Clark has been instrumental in my journey towards self-awareness. She has helped me learn that I have an uncommon leadership style. When I lacked this awareness, my team and I lived in constant conflict. I was trying to drive change in my team, but it was undermining other people’s satisfaction and self esteem. Now that I am aware of these style differences, my team and I have been able to make significant progress in dealing with one another. We’ve become a high performing team where diversity and decision making are valued. We are now much more interdependent – it feels like everything flows.

Rilla has been a huge help in getting me to start turning the corner from a functional expert to a General Manager. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me.

Guillermo Maquivar
VP Marketing,
Kellogg’s Canada

No flat organization like ours can survive without effective communication skills and channels for internal and external customers. Rilla’s coaching and development first enabled me, as a research and technical expert recruited from Japan, to establish feedback channels within my organization with peers and reports. She helped make my own thinking processes visible, and helped me understand the styles and needs of others. I then extended these process skills and this cross-cultural awareness to my relationship with partner companies. I believe that her methodology is sound and the results are tangible. I continue to implement what I have learned.

Koichi Wani
Director, Advanced Engineering
iFire Technology Inc.

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