A Personal Operating Principle is a value lived consistently, tested under pressure and through experience.




In these times of uncertainty and constant change, we are called upon to absorb increasing amounts of complexity and to be adaptive and decisive. The one thing that we can control is our inner world: our mindset, beliefs and assumptions which determine how effective and resourceful we are both in our work and in our personal lives. Lasting Change results from the identification and transformation of self-limiting mental habits, which then results in new behaviour leading to personal and professional fulfilment.


To skillfully guide people through the territory of their inner world so as to uncover, articulate, and express their unique capabilities in the way they live and lead in the outer world.

Guiding Principles

We are all creative, resourceful and whole. We recognize that our internal operating system is comprised of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, which at birth are totally balanced, although undeveloped. As we mature physically, we are called upon to mature on all these planes. To accomplish this, we must understand and master ourselves, our insecurities and fears. Only then can we set and achieve significant behavioural goals and live them joyfully.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. With each transition into the next developmental stage we are given the opportunity to adapt, learn, and grow. Rilla encourages people to bring curiosity and courage to these opportunities and to express compassion toward yourself and others as you navigate uncharted territory.

It is never too late to be what you might have been; why not begin today?

The Process

Transition and transformation are normal, progressive stages of human development in individuals, families, teams and organizations. Throughout our lifetime, we all go through a number of predictable transitions during which time our needs and preferences change, as do the expectations placed on us by institutions. Our bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, must adapt. We are called upon to create new ways of relating to ourselves, work and relationships.

Sometimes we choose change and sometimes we are catapulted into it. Change always involves excitement, opportunity and fear of the unknown. It presents us with the opportunity to have a breakthrough or a break down. In a breakthrough we incorporate the strengths of the previous stage, adding significant new capability and a sense of vitality. Most people like to have an experienced guide on such a journey, much as one would feel more confident with a professional guide in a white water raft, while navigating unfamiliar and turbulent waters.

Rilla provides a unique and creative process of discovery and growth for any individual who wants to capitalize on the opportunity inherent in a transition in work or personal life, to increase effectiveness and sense of fulfilment. The process is built on a coherent framework which serves as a map for the journey. You are the explorer. It involves four stages: assessment, model, implementation and evaluation. Rilla’s signature strength is the way in which she uses powerful questions and deep listening to uncover your beliefs, self talk, values, dreams and worldview, which together comprise your inner operating system. Owning these emerging truths then allows you to reinvent yourself as you enter the next stage of life.