A Personal Operating Principle is a value lived consistently, tested under pressure and through experience.



What is Life Coaching?

Life invites us to grow, yet we are also wired to protect the status quo. We live in the dialectic between these two forces, taking care and taking risk. Life coaching is for those who believe life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. It is beneficial when life cycles or life events launch us into a new stage of development. Like rapids suddenly appearing around a river bend, the stirrings within often arrive unexpectedly and we may be unprepared or ill equipped to respond. Rilla and her group provide a premium navigation service in a highly personalized way.

It includes Transitional Coaching, Transformational Coaching and Family Therapy.


Essential Conversations

Families in which one or more members are going through a life transition often need practical support. Such transitions include: the onset of mental or physical illness or dementia, divorce, intergenerational transfer of assets, sale or transfer of a family business or property, or the changing needs of an older adult. Because they have never encountered this challenging situation before and because family communication patterns can be rigid and unskillful, they cannot navigate the situation productively because of a lack of objective information or polarized points of view. Essential Conversations is a series of facilitated conversations to help families navigate this kind of complicated and/or conflictual transition successfully.

When Might You Benefit from It?

If your nuclear or extended family are faced with a life challenge or developmental transition, need to assess it and make decisions in the best interest of one or more members in a timely way and are bogged down, this process can help. For example, a diagnosis of mental illness in an adolescent or dementia in an older adult can precipitate the need to make many decisions, and take action as a family to seek professional help. Where to begin? How to reach agreement as a family? Essential Conversations can help.

How Does it Work?

As a Designated Facilitator of the Essential Conversations Project, Rilla meets first with every individual involved in the situation to uncover and understand their objectives, perspectives, barriers, and underlying needs. With consent, she may also meet with other professionals such as a doctor or financial planner involved in the issue. Then the family is called together for one or more facilitated conversations thoughtfully designed to steer them over and around the barriers, highlight common interests, provide information, and lead them to resolution. In so doing, they are then empowered and equipped to make decisions and plan the way forward themselves.

Rilla  brings a unique combination of skills and experience in both marriage and family therapy and leadership coaching with family business owners to this process and will often work closely with other professional family advisors such as lawyers, accountants and financial advisors in the best interest of the family.