A Personal Operating Principle is a value lived consistently, tested under pressure and through experience.



Transformational Coaching

This process is a courageous leap into the possible; territory as yet uncharted. It is not for the faint of heart nor the uncommitted. You will be attracted if you have moved beyond the self-limiting motivations of expressing your power in the world or establishing safety in your relationships. You are now ready for the hero’s journey in which, like Parsifal, you bring curiosity to your dark side, cultivate the shadow, and recognize that you are not your achievements or relationships; you have them, they do not have you. You are more than that. This is an evolution in consciousness which can be evoked by specific processes.

When Might You Benefit From It?

This kind of coaching presupposes a high level of self awareness and a commitment to your personal growth and development. It works best with people who demonstrate emotional intelligence, have lived an examined life, and take full responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. Sometimes people are eager to embark on this journey and sometimes they are cracked open by a crisis or spiritual emergency which catapults them into transformation.
Clients come with a variety of objectives: to search for meaning and purpose; to uncover and transform the seeds of a belief system or habit that no longer serves them, such as impatience,or high control needs; or to open their hearts and spirits to a deeper connection with the Universe.

How Does it Work?

Transformational Coaching uses psychotherapeutic methods to access the psyche, which is an internal map of our unique possibilities, with us since birth. The psyche has the capability of healing and transforming patterns within us that serve the personality or the ego, and creating new patterns that serve the soul.
Your coach will use a variety of methodologies to facilitate this inner relationship, the most dynamic of which is called Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) This is a very skillful process that alters your brain wave activity so as to put aside the conscious mind as problem solver and instead evoke the subconscious mind to offer its wisdom on a specific line of inquiry. We use mandala drawing, journaling, breath work, storytelling, meditation and authentic movement as follow-up activities to embed the mind-body wisdom. This results in significant changes in behaviour and relationship that are literally stored in the cells of the body and brain and therefore sustainable.

Transformational Coaching Results