A Personal Operating Principle is a value lived consistently, tested under pressure and through experience.



Transitional Coaching

This process guides you through a developmental stage transition which will occur when you have mastered the social-emotional tasks of Act I in your life. You may notice that you are experiencing some restlessness and dissatisfaction in your life, but you don’t know what’s causing it. You may have a strong desire to shake things up, stretch and grow, but a specific result or even direction may not be clear.

Depending on your age and life stage, you would choose either Act II or Act III.

Act II

“Success rests with the courage, endurance, and above all, the will to become the person you are, however unusual that may be. Then you will be able to say “I have found my hero and it is me.” – George Sheehan

When Might I Benefit From It?

At about the age of 40, you may begin to feel restless. Having completed your education, built your career, “settled down” and established a family, you wonder “what next”? You realize that you have made a living; now you wish to make a life. You want to find work that is congruent with who you are.You know it is time to change course but you are not sure where to go or how to get there. It is wise to honour and explore these stirrings, learn from them, and set your compass for the next direction.

How Does It Work?

The Act II coaching service is designed to help leaders and professionals like you at mid-life develop a deeper understanding of self, and determine how you can make the greatest contribution during the next decade or more. The process is both analytical and intuitive, left and right brained. The coach maps a customized path of discovery and accompanies you on the journey, helping you to navigate both the obstacles and the breakthroughs. You are challenged to wonder at and wonder about your inner world first, and then the outer world. We leverage your existing strengths and experiences and mine core values, developed talents, multiple intelligences and your potential.


When Might You Benefit From It?

Gone are the days of Freedom 55. Some people who were intending to retire early face a new reality as poor portfolio performance delays this option. Others are simply not attracted to the traditional model of retirement – winters in Florida, golf and charitable work. Still others are ready to make a radical shift in how to find meaning and purpose in life at this stage when their health and energy are robust and their life experience rich. All of these people are ready for refirement: a way of life in which meaning is found in surrender to a purpose larger than self, and in co-creation. You will contribute to the community in a significant way, and find new and fulfilling ways to exercise your mind, heart and spirit in service to others.
But how do you discover these new ways? This is uncharted territory and you are the pacesetters.

How Does it Work?

The Act III coaching service is designed to guide people who have been successful in their public roles and want to change or increase the scope of their work in the world. This process is highly intuitive and requires trust, a sense of adventure and an attitude of limitless possibility.
The criteria we use to co-create a path for you at this time of life are very different from those used in earlier stages. You are now looking to expand your sense of meaning through contribution to something that is big in scope, and is congruent with your personal value system. You may wish to leave a legacy or to simply make a difference in a sector or geography of compelling interest. The coach creates a customized map and accompanies you on the journey. It starts with an in-depth analysis of your current core values. Then we assess signature strengths, experience, self stories, worldview, dreams and perspectives. Finally, we throw the net wide, researching the external environment to explore possible fits. The result is an integrated lifestyle where you are what you do.

Transitional Coaching Results