A Personal Operating Principle is a value lived consistently, tested under pressure and through experience.



Transitional Coaching Results

Even though I am relatively young, I have faced a number of significant challenges already in my life. I went looking for a soft place to land and found Rilla who listened and coached me in the use of effective life skills. Then, as I approached graduation in Chemical Engineering, I was struggling with how to reconcile others’ expectations with my own feeling that my path wouldn’t be traditional and was as yet undiscovered. Rilla’s process, warmth, wisdom, and infectious optimism encouraged me to experiment and explore this path in creative ways. I now have a deep understanding of my core values, temperament type and workstyle. I have reached realizations about myself and the ways that I interact with others which have given me insight and the confidence to pursue the path less travelled. I am still a work in progress, but I have learned to fully live the journey and not focus only on the arrival point.

Dan Ignas
Medical Researcher

When I started with Rilla, I saw myself as a lawyer, wife, mother and friend – but those identities were not in fact me. Her ability to help me discover this critical reality led me to places that I never expected to go. I am so happy to be there. Thank you Rilla!

The key to my achieving success was Rilla’s approach. I went to her looking for answers. What Rilla helped me discover was that these answers were already within me. The changes that I needed to make in my professional and personal life in order to live at peace with myself were not at all what I had thought. Rilla brought that out in me. She is a bright, articulate and pragmatic coach. The key to change, as Rilla has taught me, is to find the answers yourself – within yourself. That’s how you can change your life in a fundamental, cellular way.

I cannot say enough about Rilla Clark. She is a coach extraordinaire.

Sandy Morris
Lawyer and Advocate

Rilla guided me out of my darkness and into the light. Although very successful professionally, personally I was very lost and not coping well with a difficult situation. Rilla gave me the tools and guidance to deal with it. But we did not stop there. We then worked on improving my interpersonal patterns of thinking and acting. I practised active listening skills so as to better understand what people were asking of me. I acquired clarity and the courage to voice my opinions and feelings without holding onto them. Rilla also gave me the gift of meditation to help me learn to be present with myself, and help my soul grow. I have been very fortunate to work with Rilla.

Bruce Clayton Wilson
Actor, Director, Coach