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A family learns to work as a team to co-create a vision for the future of their business.

Posted Dec 5th, 2018

The M family owns a global family business run by Generations 1 and 2. They were encountering conflict within the leadership group, which had already caused one son to leave the business. 

The Challenge

The founder of our business (our mother) was using a command and control style of leadership, and not listening to input from those of us in Gen 2, who are running different divisions of the business. Transition and succession were at risk and finally everyone agreed we needed outside help to identify and provide solutions to our communication habits.

How Rilla Helped

Rilla facilitated individual and joint meetings to get to the root causes of our issues, generationally, culturally and in our communication patterns. She taught us the skills of crucial conversations and feedback and reframed our perspectives.

The Result

With Rilla's guidance, we were able to find common ground, improve our formal and informal communication structures, and co-create a vision for the long term future of the business.

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