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About Rilla Clark

Rilla Clark is a registered psychotherapist and executive coach based in Toronto, offering mindfulness training, as well as life and leadership coaching to clients all over the world and at all stages of life.

Rilla's Approach

Rilla is well prepared to guide you on your personal journey because she has navigated many life transitions herself, guided by her own internal compass rather than external pressures.

Times of transition, be they personal or professional, are rich with potential power. By shining light on the beliefs, assumptions, and intentions that drive your current behaviour, Rilla gives you access to new possibilities and choices that allow you to assume leadership and exercise influence in your family, community and professional life.

Rilla’s signature talent is understanding people at a level they may not even understand themselves, and asking the right questions to help them discover what is truly important, and what they could do next.

She can help you learn from your own wisdom, and translate that awareness into action. Combined, Rilla’s practical wisdom, humility, creativity, humour and expertise offer a rare and transformative experience for your journey to greater self-awareness.

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Rilla will guide you toward the skills and perspectives you need to live with meaning and purpose, and to best serve your personal and professional goals.

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  • Coaching and leadership development since 1996
  • Corporate training and development since 1989
  • Private practice and consulting in psychotherapy and education since 1978
  • International and local teaching roles, middle school to post-graduate university programs


  • BA in Sociology, University of Toronto
  • BEd, University of Toronto
  • MSc in Counselling Psychology, University of Oregon
  • Numerous post graduate certifications in Applied Psychology, Neuroscience, Leadership in Business and Assessment.


Personal Interests

In her personal time, Rilla is an avid mountain climber and adventure traveller.

She also enjoys playing piano, singing, and golf.

Mindfulness Coaching for Personal & Professional Life

Corporate Coaching

Corporate coaching and mindfulness training help leaders lead with compassion, and teams function effectively as a whole.

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Life Coaching

Life coaching services help individuals, couples, and families productively navigate life's challenges and transitions.

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Learn how Rilla's clients have benefitted from her mindfulness, life, leadership and transition coaching strategies.

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