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Leadership Transformation

Leadership Transformation moves executives from a place of performance management to one of values-driven, visionary leadership. In today’s complex and ever-changing business environment, leaders need to demonstrate integrity, authenticity, resolve and resilience.

What Is Leadership Transformation?

Changes in the business environment, from restructuring to globalization, require today’s leaders to continually grow and change. This innovative coaching process will help you and your teams make successful transitions, and develop self-awareness, purpose, perspective-taking and resourcefulness to build strong results and trust-based teams.

Lasting change is founded on a practice of being both nimble and grounded in integrity.

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Who Can Benefit?

Both leaders and organizations can benefit:


Leaders can benefit from coaching when they:

  • Need to acquire or enhance skills to adapt to a changing business environment
  • Want to get out from under the tyranny of the urgent
  • Want to have significant strategies, fewer goals and clear priorities
  • Want to have greater impact and influence
  • Recognize a blind spot that limits them
  • Want to achieve outstanding results through others without burning them out
  • Want to spend time and energy optimally
  • Need to transition to a new team, region or role
  • Want to live and lead according to their core values, and with meaning and purpose


Organizations can benefit from coaching when they:

  • Want to identify and develop top talent
  • Are restructuring and/or onboarding new leaders or team members
  • Need to accelerate the transition of an executive or manager to a new role
  • Rely on results from cross-functional projects or action learning teams
  • Want to transform a senior leadership team with consistent practices of trust, curiosity and courage built on a values-based platform

Leadership Transformation Coaching

How Does It Work?

Coaching is a 4-stage process:

Holistic Needs Assessment

A holistic needs assessment is administered to determine current state and desired outcomes. This consists of workstyle inventories, psychometrics, values and strengths inventories, 360 tools, follow-up 360 interviews, and observation.

An integrated document serves as an essential platform for the development of clear, actionable coaching goals.

Personal Development Plan

Once these layers of information are gathered and synthesized, a Personal Development Plan is co-created.

Often, there is a 3-way meeting with the manager to confirm the goals to which the leader commits, and Rilla provides thought-provoking insights, tools and sequencing.


The Implementation process lasts from 6-12 months and results in new ways of thinking and interpreting experience, as well as the acquisition of new competencies as identified in the Action Plan.

Rilla provides training in the requisite tools and resources, as well as extended practice, feedback and support. The manager and team members are engaged to provide feedback and support.

Results Analysis

A Results Analysis is conducted throughout the coaching contract in which results are evaluated by you, all stakeholders, and Rilla.

Successes are documented and reinforced. The contract is complete or may be renegotiated if the leader wants to grow in another area.


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