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Family Business Coaching

Family business coaching helps families navigate the challenges of a family business and enhance personal and professional relationships through improved role definition, communication and conflict resolution skills.

What is Family Business Coaching?

A family business is a journey with many transitions that require understanding, adaptability, sound structures and processes, patience and resilience. 

Coaching can help your family make transitions of generation and culture by mapping the stages, and by proactively setting structures, processes and channels in place to plan smooth succession, improve relationships and invest in the development of the next generation.

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Who Can Benefit?

Most family businesses flounder or fail not because of a flaw in their service or product, but because of the failure of family members to properly attend to their roles, relationships, blind spots and communication channels.

Are you like most families, bringing dysfunctional communication and conflict styles into the workplace? Do you understand that this is just a question of reading the current dynamics and learning new skills?

Are you going through a transition from Generation 1 to 2, or Gen 2 to 3? Is the older generation hanging onto the reins for too long? Are the younger family members eager and ready to assume more responsibility? Has everyone bought into the vision?

Is the business expanding or downsizing in size or scope? Is there no clearly defined succession plan? Are you not investing in the members of the next generation? Would you like to more effectively leverage each member’s unique strengths?

If your answer to any of the above questions is 'yes', then Family Business Coaching may be a good fit for you.

Family Business Coaching

How Does It Work?

Each family business is unique, and requires different learning goals and competencies depending on the offerings of each member, generational and cultural differences, and its stage of development. Families who work together bring relationship dynamics, communication patterns and problem solving habits established in family life into the workplace.

Perhaps one member has been cut out. Perhaps one member is forceful and dominant and others habitually defer. Perhaps one member is unsuited to a current role. Such problems will often go unmet, due to a lack of awareness, courage and/or skill. They can cost a business dearly.

Family business coaching addresses both the system as a whole and the relationships within it.

Rilla coaches each family member in how to bring these roles and habits into awareness, evaluate their efficacy and develop and practice the communication and conflict skills which will enable you to hold difficult yet essential conversations with courage, kindness, competence and confidence.


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