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Family & Couples Therapy

For couples and families looking for a brief, practical, relational and systemic approach to the challenges and transitions they may be facing.

What is Family & Couples Therapy?

Successfully navigating disruptive transitions within self, marriage and family requires skills, patience and guidance. Sometimes these disruptions are self-initiated, such as career change or the arrival of a new baby, and sometimes they are imposed upon you unexpectedly, as in the case of an illness, divorce, or the surfacing of a trauma.

For a family or couple facing such a challenge, the goal is to assess it accurately and intervene in a kind yet direct manner. Psychotherapy provides growth in self awareness, awareness of impact on others, constructive communication patterns and positive mindsets.

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Who Can Benefit?

Do you wonder how you got to an impasse when you started from a place of cherishing and only wishing the best for each other? Are you reheating the same fights without resolution, or creating distance from each other?

Are you surprised by feeling misunderstood, disconnected, and then fighting back by protecting yourself from “the enemy” ? Has an outside influence such as an illness, loss, affair or addiction imbalanced your primary relationship(s)?

If your answer to any of the above questions is 'yes', then family and/or couples therapy may be a good fit for you.

Family & Couples Therapy

How Does It Work?

Rilla’s approach is solution-focused and her client is the couple or family as a whole.

The goal is to help the couple or family to take responsibility for becoming more connected and feel fulfilled.

Rilla optimizes Relational Family Therapy (Terry Real) and Internal Family Systems (Dick Schwartz) as well as other methodologies in this work.

All relationships go through stages of closeness, distance and repair. Disruptions provide the opportunity to learn the skills no one taught you in school or in your family of origin: how to repair distance, allow vulnerability and create true intimate connection.

Systems therapy identifies the individual belief systems you bring to your relationships which then keep you trapped in a relationship dance called a “bad deal”.

Once you understand this cycle, we work together to break it and create healthy patterns of honest communication as well as impeccable agreements on what to do if one or both partners default to old behaviours.

You learn to identify your true needs, make requests, listen actively and respond generously.


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