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Life Coaching

Rilla Clark | Life Coaching

Registered Psychotherapist Rilla Clark provides premium, personalized life coaching services for individuals, couples, and families, to help them productively navigate life's challenges and transitions.

What is Life Coaching?

Life invites us to grow, yet we are also wired to protect the status quo. We live in the dialectic between these two forces: taking care and taking risk.

When life cycles or events launch us into a new stage of development, it can often happen unexpectedly, and we may be unprepared or ill equipped to respond. Life coaching in its various forms gives us the tools and the wherewithal to navigate these situations productively, and to the benefit of all involved.

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Life Coaching | Rilla Clark

Life Coaching Streams

Transitional Coaching

The Transitional Coaching process guides you through a developmental stage transition that occurs when you have mastered the social-emotional tasks of Act I in your life.

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Transformational Coaching

Transform the way you see yourself and your capabilities as you embark on new challenges, with the guidance and tools necessary to create fundamental, positive change.

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Family & Couples Therapy

Rilla uses the Relational Life Therapy method of family therapy, a series of facilitated conversations that help your family navigate complicated transitions successfully.

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