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An international development consultant achieves a better work-life balance.

Posted Sep 18th, 2018

RN had worked for 5 years in International Development and another 5 in Consulting and was very proud of the skills and experience she had acquired. But she was burned out and wanting to find a creative career that would ignite her innovative mind and also allow for more personal time.

The Challenge

I have 2 graduate degrees and 10 years of excellent work experience. Academically I excelled in all subject areas and in my consulting work had worked globally in many different industries, products and services. Now I am looking for Operational experience and am interested in start-ups or turnarounds. However, I no longer want to work 80 hour weeks and need an opportunity that allows me to work in the UK or virtually.

How Rilla Helped

Rilla facilitated a number of psychometric instruments and deep questions that allowed me to gain a deep understanding of my core values, temperament type, work style and key drivers.

The Result

Rilla's process, wisdom and deep listening encouraged me to integrate all this information about myself and then experiment and explore in the field. I landed an awesome job in a start-up with global reach whose mission is to significantly improve the quality of life in developing countries.

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