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An executive looks to Rilla for help in transitioning to a new job in Canada.

Posted Dec 2nd, 2018

PJ is an executive in a large financial institution, who engaged Rilla to help her accelerate into a new role in a new country. 

The Challenge

I took a risk relocating to Canada and taking on a turnaround role. I am experienced in change management and bringing people along, but had a lot to learn about the country’s culture, the organization’s culture and the people I needed to engage and bring along.

How Rilla Helped

I was excited about the opportunity to transform an existing Division into a high performing, employee and customer- focused service designed to serve a rapidly changing market.

Rilla served as a thought partner in strategy and helped me to prioritize for optimal impact.

Her ability to understand my world, draw insights from me and support me through the early stages of design and implementation have been critical to my success.

The Result

The tools and resources Rilla provides are tailor-made for me, and therefore highly effective. Thank you for helping me to unleash my potential and increase my impact.

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