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A leader in the Pharmaceutical industry learns to lead with compassion.

Posted Dec 2nd, 2018

SP is a senior leader in the Pharmaceutical industry who had received some difficult 360 feedback and wanted to work to improve. 

The Challenge

I received feedback that while I am very effective in delivering results, I am seen as blunt, too direct, impatient and not effective at soliciting different perspectives and taking those views into account when trying to affect change.

How Rilla Helped

Rilla demonstrated all the key qualities in a coach that allowed me to improve my self-awareness and impact on others.

She started by using neuroscience to help me understand the negative impacts on the brain of an over-developed Self Critic and how that can extend to directing undue criticism towards people as well as ideas.

She was willing to confront me directly and with kindness on my blind spots and the impact that was having on others and how it was preventing me form achieving the success I knew me and my team were capable of.

The Result

Today I have learned to manage my pace and expectations, listen without judgment, read people and invite them early into discoveries and discussions.

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