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Psychological Wellbeing

Posted Mar 30th, 2019

Psychological wellbeing in the workplace...

You want to be an effective leader by focusing on high value work and empowering others to do good work and feel valued and motivated.

Yet you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated that you can’t get on top of the daily grind and dedicate your best energy to strategic direction, bringing others along and innovative ideas.

What if you had the time, tools and organizational support to plan, prioritize and develop others?

The small country of Bhutan has a unique approach to this kind of leadership which I would like to share.

Recently I spent 6 weeks in the tiny precious country of Bhutan, teaching English language and literature to students in Grades 7-10. 

I fell in love with this country 22 years ago when I was part of a trekking group exploring remote areas in the northwest part of this mountainous country, devoid of roads and in pristine wilderness. At that time, we visited two different, isolated tribal villages, but mostly hiked and camped in the valleys and high mountains, with only our trail yaks, wild boar and takin for company.

We returned 3 years later for a different trek in the central part of the country where we also took part in several colourful Buddhist festivals replete with masks, traditional dancing and local foods. We climbed up to the sacred monastery of Taksang, built into a cliff above the city of Paro, where Buddhism is said to have been introduced when Guru Rinpoche arrived on this site from Tibet in the 17th century.

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