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Resiliency Habit # 3: Brain Fitness: Stilling the Mind & Staying in the Present Moment

Posted Nov 9th, 2018

Stilling the mind is an art and a science. It produces calmness, clarity and increased capacity, and, like all forms of resilience, is a product of energy management. It has a positive affect on brain chemistry and enhances our ability to focus the mind.

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Resiliency Habit #2: Physical Fitness

Posted Oct 26th, 2018

Most of us deny the effects that lack of exercise, poor eating habits, sleep deprivation and the lack of relaxation periods each day have on our bodies let alone our minds. We go-go-go until we are exhausted and then we consume stimulants to pick up our energy levels.

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Resiliency Habit #1: Building Commitment to Ourselves

Posted Oct 12th, 2018

Establishing a new, positive habit is always a challenge; albeit a very worthwhile one. Let’s say you make a commitment to your health. Think about the number of times you may have decided that you want to get back to the gym, or you want to start eating healthier meals.

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An international development consultant achieves a better work-life balance.

Posted Sep 18th, 2018

RN had worked for 5 years in International Development and another 5 in Consulting and was very proud of the skills and experience she had acquired. But she was burned out and wanting to find a creative career that would ignite her innovative mind and also allow for more personal time.

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