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Good Governance: Values

Posted Feb 18th, 2019

Values-driven leadership in the workplace is a practice many organizations are now embracing.

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The Gross National Happiness Principles of Bhutan

Posted Jan 22nd, 2019

Bhutan's Gross National Happiness Index is a holistic approach to the notion of progress that gives equal weight to economic and non-economic aspects of well being.

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Resiliency Habit # 8: Personal Operating Principles

Posted Jan 18th, 2019

In my Act II coaching program, where people at midlife are exploring career and life transitions, one of the first exercises I provide asks them to identify their core personal values and then to test out the degree to which they are actually living them. We all like to believe that we stand for certain things. But if we do not live them out through a range of circumstances and adversity, they are not truly ours.

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Resiliency Habit #7: Reflection

Posted Jan 4th, 2019

For many of us, the only time we take time out of our busy schedule of doing, is in January when we pause to reflect on the past and think about how to create an even better future in the coming year. January 1 is the time of year when in the North American culture, we review the year past, looking for achievements, experiences and joys to appreciate, and for opportunities missed, perhaps both in our professional and in our personal lives.

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Resiliency Habit #6: Integrative Thinking

Posted Dec 21st, 2018

Many of us are not naturally this agile in our thinking. Most of us are products of a less-than-imaginative educational system which taught us to learn by rote and to make mental maps which then serve as established templates for researching, problem solving and decision making.

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Resiliency Habit #5: Knowing Our Purpose

Posted Dec 7th, 2018

I have not posted a blog for the past two months because I have been living on purpose. My purpose is to intuit and illuminate the true potential in others, and adventure travel hones this skill.

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A family learns to work as a team to co-create a vision for the future of their business.

Posted Dec 5th, 2018

The M family owns a global family business run by Generations 1 and 2. They were encountering conflict within the leadership group which had already caused one son to leave the business. 

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A leader in the Pharmaceutical industry learns to lead with compassion.

Posted Dec 2nd, 2018

SP is a senior leader in the Pharmaceutical industry who had received some difficult 360 feedback and wanted to work to improve. 

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An executive looks to Rilla for help in transitioning to a new job in Canada.

Posted Dec 2nd, 2018

PJ is an executive in a large financial institution, who engaged Rilla to help her accelerate into a new role in a new country. 

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Resiliency Habit #4: Brain Fitness: Mental Focus

Posted Nov 23rd, 2018

The objective of planning and prioritizing is to program ourselves and our brains to let the automatic functions located in the cerebellum to take over repetitive tasks and free up your frontal lobes to do the more creative and complex problem solving. More and more of the work we are called upon to do in today’s economy cannot be done by rote.

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